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OS Support

This section provides information and timetables explaining how long we will provide support for each different Version of our main Products and also how long you can expect our products to operate on each of the different Operating Systems (OS's) - such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2 etc. It also explains under what circumstances we may not be able to provide support in the case of unsupported Operating Systems.

If after reading this document you have any further inquiries please contact your sales account manager.

Terms Explained

For the purposes of this document the following terms are used:

  • Product - this means a piece of software or package of software provided by P Squared - e.g. Myriad or Powerlog
    OS or Operating System - this is the computer language that your computer uses to run the Products - for instance Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
  • Version - this is the major version (and also the first part of the number) for a given product - for instance Myriad Version 3 and Myriad Version 4 are different versions of the same Product.
  • Release - each time a Product is updated within the same Version number, this is called a Release. e.g. Myriad v3.6.1 might need a bug fix so the new Release is v3.6.2 - same Version ("3"), but a different Release "x.6.1 and x.6.2" . Most customers are entitled to free updates within the Version number - i.e. If you purchased Myriad v3.x.x you are entitled to any Myriad v3 releases, but upgrades to Myriad v4 would be a cost option.
  • Support Contract - This is the period of time that you are entitled to technical support from the P Squared Support Team. Most products ship with 1 year of Technical Support from date of purchase, but if you purchase an Upgrade from a previous version, then the period may be different. Once your initial Support period expires, you can choose to either renew the Support Contract for a fixed price for another period of time, or pay a one off charge each time you need to contact Technical Support. More details about our Technical Support Services can be found in the Support and Installation Guidelines


Because we continually develop our Products to include the latest features and 'bug fixes', the design of older OS's start limiting our abilities to push our products further. An example of this is that Windows 95 did not support multiple monitors, so cannot be used to show Myriad on two separate displays attached to a single computer. Eventually limitations like this mean that we can no longer guarantee that the newest versions of our Products will run on every single OS.. When this happens, you may be unable to use newer Versions or Releases of our Products so will have to remain on the last Release that did, meaning you would miss out on new features and 'bug-fixes'.

Coupled with this, whenever we prepare new Versions or Releases of our Products we have to test the Product itself and also the installation program for it on each OS that we support. This can cause significant delays in releasing a Product because each time we test a Release we have to wipe the test systems and begin again from a clean version of the OS to guarantee that the Product is being fully installed, not relying on older copies of files already installed to keep running.

Finally, the P Squared Support Team can typically only provide support for Operating Systems that we use on our own desktop computers (at present this is Windows 7 Professional on most computers) so if you were to experience a problem with one of our Products, or even ask for advice on how best to configure your OS to run our Products then we are not in a position to help because we can't see the same screen in front of us to help talk you through the issue.

Important: Please don't worry though - this doesn't mean that on the day that we stop supporting a given OS that your currently installed Products will suddenly stop working or even that we will stop answering your phone calls or emails. As long as you have a Support Contract in place we will always try to assist you with any issues about the Product in question. Only if the issue is determined to be with the OS itself or with the Product running on that OS will we be unable to provide support.

Wherever possible we try to provide information when a new Release of a Product will cause it to stop working on a given OS, and usually our Products will actually continue to work on older OS's even after we have ceased support. For instance, even though Windows 2000 is no longer supported, there is currently no reason why Myriad v2 or v3.0 will not run on it. It's just that if you experience problems doing so, then we are usually unable to help you resolve them.


To help you decide when to consider upgrading to the latest Version of our Products and when to look at upgrading your computer or OS to retain the ability to keep running the latest versions and releases, we have provided our predictions of when different OS's and versions of Products will be discontinued. The dates are not expected to change, but circumstances beyond our control may require us to limit or extend support on a case by case basis.

Microsoft have published their Life Cycle Policy which gives details of when they will terminate support for their OS. It is available at

Typically we will not start to provide support for our Products on a new OS for at least 6 to 12 months after it's initial release to allow any problems to be resolved by Microsoft before we recommend using it as a platform to run our software on. This also allows us time to upgrade our computer systems and train the Support Engineers to provide the best support.

Where possible, we will continue to support OS's for 6 months after Microsoft cease support. After this we are unable to obtain support from Microsoft and other vendors - for instance hardware drivers etc.

Note: This does not affect in anyway the terms and conditions, that your software is provided under. You are still entitled to new Releases for free as long as your License is in effect. It is also worth reviewing your Terms as they give details of how long after we make a new release available we cease support for the previous version - e.g. how long we support v3.0.1 of a Product after we have fully released v3.0.2 etc. These can usually be found on the EULA agreement displayed when you install one of our Products.

P Squared Product Support

As long as you have a valid Support Contract, then except where shown the following applies to our Products

The current versions of Products are highlighted in green.

AutoTrack v2.5 Support ended 31st December 2002 1
AutoTrack v2.6 Fully supported 6
AutoTrack v3.1 Fully supported 6
Myriad v2.2.x Suite Support ended 31st August 2002 2
Myriad AutoCapture v2.0 Support ended 31st August 2002 -
Myriad v2.5 Suite Support ended 31st January 2003 1, 2
Myriad v2.6 Suite Fully supported 2,6
Myriad v3.0 and v3.5 Suite Support ends 31st August 2012 2
Myriad Advanced Advert Manager v2.6 Fully supported 6
Myriad v3.6 Suite Fully supported 6

Myriad v4

Includes Myriad Playout, Myriad AutoTrack, Myriad News, Myriad OCP, Myriad Auto-Importer etc.

Fully supported 8
Myriad STS v2.0.x-v2.5.x Support ended 31st January 2003 1
Myriad STS v2.6.x Fully supported 6
OCP v2.5 Support ended 31st December 2002 1
OCP v2.6 Fully supported 6
OCP v3.6 Fully supported 6
Nexus v1 Fully supported -
Powerlog Client/Server v2.x Support ended 31st March 2003 7
Powerlog Client/Server v3.0.x-3.1.x Support ended 31st March 2003 7
Powerlog Client/Server v3.5.x Support ended 1st February 2004 7
Powerlog Client/Server v3.6.x Fully supported 6
Powerlog Client/Server v4.x Fully supported -
Scoop Edit + Server v1.0.x-1.4.x Support ended 1st January 2002 3,4,5
Scoop Edit v1.5.7 + Scoop Server v1.2.1 Fully supported 5, 6
Scoop Edit + Capture v2.x Fully supported 6
Scoop Edit + Capture v3.x Fully supported 6


  1. Customers using v2.5 of this product are entitled to upgrade to v2.6 free of charge.
  2. This includes the support programs such as Myriad Configuration, the log and advert importers and various other utilities.
    Customers using Scoop Edit v1 are entitled to upgrade to v1.5.7 free of charge.
  3. Customers using Scoop Server v1 are entitled to upgrade to v1.2.1 free of charge.
  4. Scoop v1 and v2 have been discontinued and replaced with Scoop Edit v3, and Scoop Capture v3. Scoop v1 and v2 users should contact P Squared regarding upgrade details and pricing information.
  5. Customers using Powerlog v2.x and v3.x are entitled to upgrade to v3.6 free of charge.
  6. Although fully supported, this product is not being actively developed any further, and there are no plans for any further updates.
  7. Customers using Powerlog v2.x and v3.x are entitled to upgrade to v3.6 free of charge.
  8. Myriad v4 is ONLY supported on Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate/Enterprise 32bit and 64bit


Microsoft SQL Server Support

The Myriad v4 family use Microsoft SQL Server to store the main databases. You MUST make sure that you are using one of the versions listed as supported below or we will be unable to provide you with any Technical Support.

If you are using a version or edition that is not listed below (e.g. prior to SQL 2005, "Compact", "Web", "Developer", "Workgroup" etc.) then it is not supported and you should consider transitioning to a support Version/Edition as soon as possible.

Our Recommended SQL Server Version/Editions are highlighted in Green

SQL Server VersionEditionSupport StatusNotes
SQL Server 2005 All Editions Not supported. -
SQL Server 2008 Workgroup Edition Not supported.  
SQL Server 2008 Express, Standard and Enterprise Not tested, but no known issues -
SQL Server 2008R2 Express Recommended for small networks -
SQL Server 2008R2 Standard Recommended for medium/large networks or for WAN based replication -
SQL Server 2008R2 Enterprise Fully supported -
SQL Server 2012 Express Fully supported -
SQL Server 2012 Standard Fully supported -
SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Fully supported  

Operating System Support

If your Operating System Version and Edition is not shown in the following table then we are unable to provide support for our Products running on your computer.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we reserve the right to alter this information without prior notice. Further you should check with P Squared Technical Support as this information may have been superseded due to ongoing developments and therefore be out of date.

Our Recommended Operating Systems are highlighted in Green

Operating SystemStatusNotes
Windows 3.x, 95A, 98 1st Edition, ME not supported. -
Windows 95B, 98 2nd Edition, Windows NT 4 Support Ended 30th April 2003 -
Windows 2000 Support Ended 31st December 2005 3, 4
Windows XP All Editions Not Supported -
Windows Vista All Editions Not Supported  
Windows 7 Starter/Home Not Supported  
Windows 7 Professional. Ultimate or Enterprise 32 Bit Most products fully supported. 7
Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate/Enterprise 64 Bit Myriad v4 Family, Powerlog v4, Boot Stuff, File Monitor, Audio Monitor etc. supported  7
Windows 8 RT No support planned.  
Windows 8 32 bit and 64 bit editions Myriad v4 Family, PowerLog v4, Boot Stuff, File Monitor, Audio Monitor etc. supported  8
Windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit editions Myriad v4 Family, Powerlog v4, Boot Stuff, File Monitor, Audio Monitor etc. supported (See note below)  10
Windows 2003 Server Not supported  
Windows 2008 Server No known issues  
Windows 2008R2 Server See Notes 5,6,9
Windows 2012 Server Not tested, but no known issues  
Windows 2012 R2 Server Fully supported  9


  1. Microsoft terminated support for Windows 98 on June 30, 2003.
  2. Microsoft terminated support for Windows NT 4 workstation on June 30, 2003.
  3. PowerLog Server v3.x and Scoop Capture v2.x are only supported when running on Windows 2000 Professional.
  4. Microsoft terminated support for Windows 2000 on June 30, 2005
  5. We will normally only support P Squared software physically running on Windows Server Operating Systems by special arrangement. This does NOT affect the use of Windows Server as a File Server - this is fully supported.
  6. Where Support is agreed, we only support Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 or higher or Windows Server 2008 R2 and the latest updates from Microsoft.
  7. See Windows 7 Support Section below.
  8. See Windows 8 Support Section below.
  9. See Windows Server Support Section below.
  10. See Windows 10 Support Section below.

Windows 7 Support:

Only 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise are supported. We don't recommend using Windows Home,Starter or Basic editions.

All Myriad v4 and PowerLog v4 products are supported on either 32 bit or 64bit, however older versions of our products (e.g. Myriad v3, Scoop v3 etc.) are only supported on Windows 7 32 bit due to hardware driver limitations.

The following products are supported on Windows 7 32 and 64 bit:

  • All Myriad v4 products and related programs (e.g. Playout, AutoTrack, OCP, News, Network, AudioWall processor, Advert Manager etc.)
  • PowerLog v4
  • Boot Stuff
  • File Monitor

The following products are supported on Windows 7 32 bit only:

  • Myriad v3.5.14 and higher (and all related programs)
  • OCP v2.6 and higher
  • AutoTrack v3.1 and higher (please note no support for CD Ripping in AutoTrack v3)
  • Scoop v3.0.39 and higher
  • Nexus v1.0.11 and higher
  • Text Stuff

Earlier versions of these products are not supported unless expressly stated above.

Windows 8 Support:

We have conducted testing of our current range of products on Windows 8 and these show that they all work well with no obvious issues.

The following products have been tested and perform well on Windows 8:

  • Myriad Playout v4 and related programs (e.g. AudioWall Processor, Advert Manager etc.)
  • Myriad AutoTrack v4
  • Myriad OCP v4
  • Myriad AutoImporter v4
  • Myriad News v4
  • Boot Stuff
  • File Monitor
  • Audio Input Monitor

Windows 10 Support:

Windows 10 has a very similar architecture to Windows 8, so our recommendation for Windows 10 is therefore largely the same as for Windows 8.

We have conducted several long term tests of our current range of products on Windows 10 and the results were all positive and showed that they all worked well with no obvious issues.

We are aware of some people having issues installing the Axia IP driver under Windows 10 and we are assisting Axia with testing updated drivers.

We have also seen several issues where upgrading "In-Place" to Windows 10 can cause SQL to stop loading automatically after a PC is restarted.

If you are already running Windows 7 or 8 then we recommend avoiding the "inplace" upgrade to Windows 10 being offered by Microsoft. However, if you do want to take advantage of the free upgrade offer please contact support and we can provide you with information on how best to carry out the upgrade.

The following products have been tested and performed well on Windows 10:

  • Myriad Playout v4 and related programs (e.g. AudioWall Processor, Advert Manager etc.)
  • Myriad AutoTrack v4
  • Myriad OCP v4
  • Myriad AutoImporter v4
  • Myriad News v4
  • Boot Stuff
  • File Monitor
  • Audio Input Monitor

Windows Server Support:

We fully support Windows Server 2008R2 and 2012R2 for use hosting files and Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 and SQL 2012.

Please note that we have NO plans to support any of main software applications running directly on a computer running Windows Server except by prior individual agreement on a per customer basis.

That said, we do know many of our customers run many of our "back-end" tools like OCP, Remote Edit Server and Auto-Importer on Server based operating systems and these run without any issue at all, it's just not a recommended solution.

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