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Myriad 4 Playout

Please note that Myriad v4 Playout has now been superseded by Myriad 5 Playout by Broadcast Radio. Whilst we continue to support Myriad 4 customers, we no longer supply Myriad v4 Playout to new customers. To learn more about the benefits of Myriad 5 Playout, please visit the Broadcast Radio website


Myriad 5 Playout


Myriad v4 is the UK broadcast radio industry's No#1 playout system, with more installations than any other system spanning all sectors of radio. From national commercial broadcasters (such as talkSPORT) to school and community radio stations, Myriad is the engine powering the nations broadcasters.  


Myriad Playout combines advanced features with a presenter friendly interface to provide the ultimate playout and automation solution for stations of all sizes. 

Options & Modules

Myriad Playout is available in several different configurations to suit specific roles in your station. There are also a range of included and options modules that can be used to further enhance the system.

Purchase Options

Myriad Playout is available as either software 'purchase' or as a subscription which includes software, support and updates. This page outlines the benefits of both options.