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Please Note: Enhanced 'SE' versions of both AutoTrack Standard & AutoTrack Pro are now available for Myriad 5 Playout customers.

AutoTrack is an advanced music and link scheduling system designed to allow radio stations to schedule lively, engaging and natural sounding output for both live and automated shows. AutoTrack is available in both Standard and Pro configurations.


P Squared's innovative music and link scheduling solutions offer a range of tools and facilities to allow you to produce lively, natural sounding 'live assist' and automated program output regardless of the size, nature and format of your station.

Standard & Pro

AutoTrack is available in both Standard and Pro versions. Both versions offer the same core scheduling engine and advanced features but the Pro version adds additional levels of rules, features and customisation options ideal for large commercial radio stations and groups. 

Purchase Options

Both AutoTrack Standard Pro are available as either software 'purchase' or as a subscription which includes software, support and updates. This page outlines the benefits of both options.