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We are delighted to offer a full range of 'turn key' studio packages suitable for stations of all sizes via our broadcast technology partner Broadcast Radio. For full details visit our partner site:

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Starter Studios

Starter Studios

Our range of Starter Studio packages are idea for start-up stations on a tight budget or as a second studio for production or emergencies. They may be budget studios, but there is no compromise on functionality.

Portable Studios

Our range of portable studios offer all the benefits of a radio studio but with the added flexibility of being able to move the studio whenever you need. Choose between a flight case based studio for ultimate portability or our unique and innovative SR3, self contained studio system.

Modern Design Studios

Modern Design Studios

The Modern Design Studio range offers a number of fixed studio solutions all with cutting edge technology combined with modern, contemporary studio furniture available in a range of colours.

Classic Studio Range

Classic Studios

The Classic range of studio packages provides a more traditional approach to studio furniture and design to create that classic radio studio atmosphere.

Accessibility Studios

Accessibility Studios

The World's Most Accessible Radio Studio!

The AR1 Accessibility Studio was developed in conjunction with a number of special schools around the UK to provide a studio package that would be accessible to broadcasters with varied levels of special accessibility needs. The AR1 features all the benefits of a SR4 Studio Package but with enhanced accessibility features.

Studio Equipment

Studio Equipment

From microphones to distribution amps, our technology partner Broadcast Radio will be happy to offer advice and a competitive quote

Broadcast Mixers

Selecting the right broadcast mixer for your station can be a difficult task. You need to get the right combination of function and ease of use, not to mention find the right choice for your budget! Luckily, our partners over at Broadcast Radio have experience in both installing and using a wide range of solutions and are happy to help you select the right mixer for your station.  

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