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BootStuff is a simple application developed by P Squared to assist in the correct start up of P Squared applications but it can also be used to intelligently launch any third party application.

It's primary roles are:

  • To check for the presence of a network location or resource prior
    to starting a P Squared application
  • To use an alternative network location or resource if the primary
    location is not available

Key Features

BootStuff's key features include:

  • Perform tests for servers, network locations or mapped network drives.
  • You can also insert a pause for a period of time.
  • If all the 'Primary Test' pass then BootStuff will launch one or more P Squared applications.
  • BootStuff can also be set to start any third party application.
  • If the 'Primary Tests' fail then you can set 'Alternate Tests' and actions.


The most common uses for BootStuff are:

  • Don't Start Myriad Until The Server Is Ready - BootStuff will test to see if the server of network location is available and will only start Myriad (or any other application) when it is.
  • If The Primary Server Fails To Start, Switch To Backup - BootStuff will test for the primary server but if it fails to find it in a set time then it will run a set of 'Alternate Tests' and assuming they pass, run Myriad (or another application) using a different Configuration Profile to make Myriad use the backup data location.

BootStuff is a free resource developed to make our customers lives easier. Contact us for your free copy today.


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