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Standard & Pro

AutoTrack Standard Vs AutoTrack Pro

AutoTrack is available in both Standard and Pro versions. Both versions offer the same core scheduling engine and advanced features but the Pro version adds additional levels of rules, features and customisation options ideal for large commercial radio stations and groups.

Which version do you need?

  • Standard - Autotrack Standard offers advanced song & link management, clock building and scheduling abilities as well as customisation of a limited set of rules (artists, title separation etc). AutoTrack Standard is idea for community or small commercial radio stations.
  • Pro - AutoTrack Pro includes all standard features but adds many advanced options including diverse and fully customisable rule sets, advanced reporting and mass changing tools, future moves, hour reuse, bound links, multiple database management, multi-site playlog reporting, kicks & shuffles, song reorganisation tools and much more. Pro is ideal for larger commercial stations and radio groups.

For a full comparison, see the table below.


Feature AutoTrack Standard AutoTrack Pro 
Bound Links to Songs so Links schedule before specific songs - Yes
Moves - automatic future Song / Link category changes - Yes
Kill dates - Yes
Core Artists Lists - Yes
Alternate Song / Link Categories - Yes
Shuffles & Kicks - Yes
Re-use Songs / Links scheduled in low listener hours - Yes
Category / Type / Era / Gender minimum separation - Yes
Category / Type / Era / Gender max/min in row Clock Rules - Yes
Virtual Style Deck scheduling - Yes
Advanced configurable Global Rules & Guides - Yes
Organise Songs/Links by Type - Yes
Song/Link collections - Yes
Override normal song separation rules - Yes
Copyright Information - Yes
Song/Link category schedule history - Yes
Search by multiple Song/Link categories - Yes
Search by Song/Link type - Yes
Specify Song / Link type in clock - Yes
Specify Song / Link characteristics in clock - Yes
Specify Song / Link genders in clock - Yes
Specify Song / Link year in clock - Yes
Specify item hardware start/end in clock - Yes
Specify song droppable/fadeable in clock - Yes
Allow multiple clock assignment grids - Yes
Allow multiple weeks inside clock assignment grids - Yes
Clock assignment reports - Yes
Song/Link Types in Clock Rules - Yes
Scheduling Rules/Guides per category - Yes
Song/Link Type Global rules - Yes
Support for multiple playout systems - Yes
Artist group management - Yes
Song/Link re-organiser wizard - Yes
Browse 3rd party playout systems audio library (selected playout systems only) - Yes
Mass changer for Songs and Links - Yes
Run audio reports for 3rd party playout system (selected systems only) - Yes
Copyright report (PRS) generator - Yes
Total Song / Link play count reports - Yes
Era & Gender category rules - Yes
Enhanced reports - Yes
Gender / Era follow Global Rules - Yes
Organise Songs / Links by Gender - Yes
Search by Gender - Yes
Search by copyright details - Yes
Configurable category pass order when scheduling - Yes
Import and Export Simulcast Log Files  -  Yes
Schedule Split Links (Cart Groups) and Split Advert Breaks  -  Yes
Specify Song / Link styles in clock Yes Yes
Full configurable schedule process, schedule one category at a time Yes Yes
Total Log Integration (TLI) when used with Myriad Playout Yes Yes
SQL database technology Yes Yes
Dynamic searching simple & advanced Song/Link searching Yes Yes
Rules based log suggestions and replacing of Songs & Links Yes Yes
Enhanced log printing Yes Yes
Full content management and Cart Editing (when used with Myriad Playout) Yes Yes
Chart Peak / Album Song fields Yes Yes
External file based 'Live Read' links Yes Yes
Enhanced Clock builder window including graphical clock display Yes Yes
Cut, Copy, Paste & Drag items in Clock builder Yes Yes
Clock in Clock technology for nested clock segments Yes Yes
Standard configurable Global Rules & Guides Yes Yes
Advanced Schedule History inc unscheduled item count Yes Yes
Refresh Log to update Myriad Playout information Yes Yes
Organise Songs / Links by Category Yes Yes
Organise Songs by Styles Yes Yes
Classify Songs / Links by characteristics Yes Yes
Song / Link Year Yes Yes
Song BPM Yes Yes
Configurable song throw depth Yes Yes
Hour restrictions Yes Yes
Date range restrictions Yes Yes
Song / Web Notes Yes Yes
Song title schedule history Yes Yes
Link schedule history Yes Yes
Artist history Yes Yes
Search by Song Title Yes Yes
Search by Artist Yes Yes
Search by Category Yes Yes
Search by Cart Number Yes Yes
Search by Year Yes Yes
Search by Styles Yes Yes
Search by missing audio in playout Yes Yes
Search by date ranges Yes Yes
Song / Link Deck Viewer Yes Yes
Song Title management Yes Yes
Classify Links by characteristics Yes Yes
Allow sweeper links Yes Yes
Allow audio links Yes Yes
Allow text only links Yes Yes
Configurable Link Throw depth Yes Yes
Restrict Song Types links can precede Yes Yes
Link / web notes Yes Yes
Build clocks for hour long shows Yes Yes
Specify Song / Link Category in Clock Yes Yes
Specify item end type in Clock Yes Yes
Allow Clock Rules Yes Yes
Song / Link Categories in Clock Rules Yes Yes
Styles in Clock Rules Yes Yes
Max/min characteristics in Clock Rules Yes Yes
Song category follow rules / search depth Yes Yes
Characteristic rules Yes Yes
Multiple station rule sets Yes Yes
Non-sequential scheduling Yes Yes
Non-sequential un-scheduling Yes Yes
View schedule Yes Yes
Edit schedule Yes Yes
Offer alternative items including rules and guide warnings Yes Yes
View schedule history Yes Yes
Send to playout system Yes Yes
Remove from playout system Yes Yes
Update information in playout system Yes Yes
Switch between working databases (multiple stations - subject to licenses) Yes Yes
Shuffle / rebuild / squash decks Yes Yes
Mass Cart / audio import utilities Yes Yes
Run Cart reports for Myriad Yes Yes
Song / Link Category Statistics Yes Yes
Configurable schedule error warnings Yes Yes
User security and management Yes Yes
Remove old histories after X days Yes Yes
Copy information between AutoTrack databases Yes Yes
Assign hardware line names Yes Yes
Play audio using Cart players (selected playout systems only) Yes Yes
Easy to use interface Yes Yes


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