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Myriad Network

Please Note: An enhanced 'SE' version of Myriad Network are now available for Myriad 5 Playout customers.

Myriad Network expands the standard Myriad package to allow it to provide split advertising and branding to diverse transmission paths or geographic areas or to allow Myriad to fit in to and interact with networked programming.

The idea for split transmission is simple, all the music, speech, non-networked jingles etc are played in from the studio Myriad Playout system in the normal way but all split advert breaks and split jingles are played by the Myriad Network pc's with one Myriad Network output per split.


Myriad Network adds playout of adverts, jingles and other content for stations with multiple transmission paths or for stations that are partially or fully networked. The diverse tool-set provided by the applications within the Myriad Network family provide the foundations for advanced networking capabilities.

Networking Options

Myriad Network offers a highly adaptable, group wide networking solution allowing you to centralise general station output but retain local branding, features and advertising opportunities. Here are just some of the ways Myriad Network could help your group save money and leverage onair talent by networking. 

Purchase Options

Myriad Network is available as either software 'purchase' or as a subscription which includes software, support and updates. This page outlines the benefits of both options.