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We offer a range of professional radio software covering all aspects of modern radio and suitable for stations of all types and sizes.

Myriad 4 Playout

Myriad v4 Playout is the UK broadcast radio industry's No#1 playout system, with more installations than any other system spanning all sectors of radio.  Please note that Myriad v4 Playout has been superseded by Myriad 5 Playout by Broadcast Radio.


P Squared's innovative music and link scheduling solutions offer a range of tools and facilities to allow you to produce lively, natural sounding 'live assist' and automated program output regardless of the size, nature and format of your station.

Myriad News

Myriad News is an 'end to end' paperless newsroom system designed for radio stations of all types and sizes. Journalists combine captured content with their own stories to provide bulletins for delivery on-air and online.


Powerlog provides continuous, maintenance free audio and data logging with virtually instant access to any logged point from any workstation in your radio station via the free Powerlog Client. 

Myriad Network

Myriad Network expands the standard Myriad package to allow it to provide split advertising and branding to diverse transmission paths or geographic areas or to allow Myriad to fit in to and interact with networked programming.

Other Software

We offer a range of broadcast radio related applications designed to solve common challenges in modern radio.

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