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Latest Versions

Please note that you will need a Username and Password to download most of the software below.

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Current Product Version Numbers:


Latest VersionBeta
BootStuff v1.0 v1.0.17 -
File Monitor v1.0 v1.0.7 -
Myriad Advert Manager v4.0 v4.0.28 -
Myriad AutoTrack v4.0 v4.0.28 -
Myriad Playout v4.0 v4.0.28 -
Myriad OCP v4.0 v4.0.28 -
Myriad Network v4.0 v4.0.28 -
Myriad News v4.0 v4.0.28 -
Powerlog v4 Capture v4.0.39 -
Powerlog v4 Client v4.0.34 -

Retired Product Version Numbers:


Latest VersionBeta
Advanced Ad Manager v2.6 v2.6.47 -
AutoTrack v2.6 v2.6.33
AutoTrack v3.1 v3.1.53 -
ContactStuff v3 v3.1.2 -
Myriad v2.6 v2.6.41 -
Myriad STS v2.6 v2.6.9 -
Myriad v3.0 v3.0.32 -
Myriad v3.0 Adv. Tools Pack v3.0.24 -
Myriad v3.5 Family v3.5.17 -
Myriad v3.6 Family v3.6.3 -
Nexus v1.0 v1.0.14 -
OCP v2.6 v2.6.62 -
OCP v3.6 v3.6.3 -
Powerlog v3 Server v3.6.14 -
Powerlog v3 Client v3.6.17 -
Scoop v1 Server v1.2.1 -
Scoop v1 Edit v1.5.7 -
Scoop v2 Capture v2.1.0 -
Scoop v2 Edit v2.1.0 -
Scoop v3 Capture v3.0.39 v3.0.41
Scoop v3 Edit v3.0.41 -
SmoothEdit v1 v1.0.9 -
TextStuff v1.0 v1.0.18 -

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