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Tutorial Videos

View a range of video tutorials designed to guide you through setting up and using your software. 

Click on the sections below to access and view the tutorial videos.

These tutorial videos will help you install both SQL and Myriad.

Installing Micrsoft SQL Server 2008Rs Express

Installing Myriad Playout

The Quick Start course will guide you through the basics you need in order to start using Myriad Playout.

1. Basic Orientation

2. Adding Content

3. Setting Up A Cart

4. Playing A Cart

5. Instant Track & Auto Fill

6A. The Log (Part 1)

6B. The Log (Part 2)

The General Users Course builds upon the previous courses to provide a deeper understanding of Myriad Playout and how to get the most from it for your station.

1. Navigating The Audio Wall

2. Finding Carts

3. Instant Carts

4. The Pad

5. The Library Tab

6. SmoothEdit

7. Customising Myriad Playout

8. Sweepers & Hooks

In this series we will look at the various support applications that form the large Myriad family.

1. Emergency Recovery Tool

2. OCP Part 1

3. OCP Part 2

4. Music Log & Advert Log Importer

5. Audio Wall Processor

6. Podcast Creator

7. Myriad Monitor

8. Myriad Anywhere

9. AutoImport

10. Remote Edit Server

11. Remove Voice Tracking

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