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Powerlog & Powerlog Lite

Powerlo & Powerlog Lite

Powerlog is available in two versions. The full Powerlog system allows logging of multiple audio and data sources and is ideal for large commercial radio stations and groups.

Powerlog Lite only logs a single (stereo) audio source and is ideal for a single station of any type. 

The table below compares the features of both versions of Powerlog.

Feature PowerLog Lite PowerLog
Number Of Customisable Audio Quality Periods 3 3
Supports Linear Audio Yes Yes
Supports MP2 Yes Yes
Supports Ogg Vorbis Yes Yes
Supports Windows Media Format Yes Yes
Supports Multiple Formats (on one log) - Yes
Hardware I/O Logging - Yes
Silence Detection & Logging - Yes
DAB Text Logging - Yes
RS232 Data Logging - Yes
E-mail Warnings and Reports - Yes
Maximum Number Of Mono Logs On Single Box 2 16
Free PowerLog Client Software Yes Yes
Free PowerLog Monitor Software Yes Yes
Virtually Instant Access (via the Client) Yes Yes
Directory For Accessing Multiple Boxes - Yes
All The Benefits Of The PowerLog Client Yes Yes

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