The SRM Broadcast Mixer

SRM Broadcast Mixer

SRM Broadcast Mixer From £1849 +VAT

The SRM mixer was designed by P Squared to be the perfect mixer for small and medium broadcasters who also use Myriad.

The simple design and jargon free layout is ideal for novice or broadcasters and the interactivity with Myriad (via the Intelligent Interface) help to provide an intuitive and engaging experience.

Other key features such as the built in telephone interface, headphone limiting and seperate record output make it the ideal mixer for school, web and community radio stations.

Download Data Sheet

Download User Manual (3MB)

Key Features Include:

  • User friendly broadcast mixer
  • Clear, simple layout with no jargon
  • Designed for school & community radio
  • Nine multi-function channel mixer
  • Built in telephone interface
  • Built in headphone volume limiter
  • Large, simple LED volume display
  • Remote output for fader starts
  • Speaker muting when 'Mics' are on
  • External mic-light switching output
  • 'Program' and 'record' outputs
  • 'Aux' input for iPod or MP3 players
  • Four microphone/line channels
  • Four Myriad channels
  • Switchable telephone/AUX channel
  • Connects to Myriad via USB cable
  • Start buttons for Myriad Cart Players
  • Channel lights show Myriad Cart status
  • Rack or flush mountable
  • Guest headphone 'talkback'
  • Reliable, low cost mixing solution

Myriad Intelligent Interface

One of the most exciting innovations in The SRM is the new Myriad Intelligent Interface technology. Drop a Cart in a Cart Playing in Myriad and the associated channel will light up on The SRM. Hit start on the mixer and Myriad will start playing and as the Cart comes to the end on screen, lights flash on The SRM to warn the presenter to get ready.

portable Plus issolated.jpg rear-issloated.jpg small fixed with srm issoloated.jpg srm adjustment.jpg srm in sourround isolated.jpg srm on issolated.jpg srm straight issolated.jpg srm-in-sourround-isolated-small.jpg srm-white (450).jpg srm-white.jpg srm-white-small.jpg