Scoop Radio Newsroom System

Please note that Scoop has been superseded by Myriad News 4.

Your newsroom is likely to be a busy place. Unlike programming, traffic or even in the studios, the news is never complete and the pressure never lets up. That is why we at P Squared have worked hard with news teams around the world to develop Scoop.

Scoop is split in to three applications. Scoop Capture is designed to capture and gather text and audio data from a broad range of sources. Scoop Edit is designed to allow journalists to take the stories provided by news providers, edit and add their own content and compile the individual stories into bulletins. Finally, Scoop Playout allows journalists to present live news bulletins and also to publish their bulletins to the web.

Scoop Capture

The job of Scoop Capture is to capture and sort text and audio data from a broad range of sources. Able to capture text from RS232, file and web sources, Scoop Capture categorises the incoming stories (either based on the news service's own categories or by watching for 'catch' words to aid categorisation) and check them for key words that may be important to your station. Scoop Capture also maintains your stations news database, automatically removing expired stories and streamlining the news content database for optimal performance.

Scoop Capture can gather text and audio from a range of popular sources including (but not limited to):

  • IRN - Audio & Text

  • Sky News - Audio & Text

  • PA - Text

  • INN - File Based Audio & Text

Scoop Capture can also be customised to suit your needs so please feel free to contact us for more details.

Scoop Edit

Scoop Edit- Scoop Edit is used browse and edit the audio and text stories in your news database and also to create new stories from scratch. The integrated audio editor allows you to record and edit audio, attach it to text stories. The competed stories can be arranged in to bulletins ready for reading 'live on air' using Scoop Playout. In addition, you can also publish your completed news bulletins directly to your stations web site creating a locally focused news portal without adding to your journalists workload.

In addition to managing news stories and audio cuts, Scoop Edit also includes a powerful but intuitive contacts database and web resource database allowing your journalists to manage all aspects of the newsroom from a single application.

Scoop Playout

Scoop Playout provides the journalists with the tools they need to present live radio news based on the bulletins created using Scoop Edit. Story scripts are displayed on screen in a Scoop Playout equipped studio. Audio that is attached to stories is automatically cued as it is needed and can be played at the touch of a button.

We can also supply a special keyboard to make controlling Scoop Playout a breeze.

Bulletins can also be published to your website using Scoop Playout. No web design skills are needed, just publish and forget.

Please note that all Scoop Playout features are also available in Scoop Edit. Scoop Playout provides a lower cost option for putting Scoop in to a studio or news booth.


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