Powerlog - Station Logging

P Squared were one of the first software development companies in the World to investigate the possibility of a solely computer based audio logging system aimed at the broadcast radio market. At a time when hard disks were slow, expensive and had only a very limited capacity for data, P Squared took the gamble that audio (and eventually additional data) logging would be possible within a reasonable budget as PC capacity increased and prices fell.

With this in mind, we started a development team on a project that would eventually become PowerLog, the UK's leading audio and data logging system in the radio industry. PowerLog was the first of it's kind. A PC based audio logging system that stored all of the data on the PC's hard disk or to a network storage device. This offered virtually instant access to any point in the recorded period, from as many different PC's as you liked. In addition, because all of the audio (and data) was logged on the PC, for the first time you had a truly maintenance free audio logging solution that required no human intervention to maintain a 'rolling' log of the desired quality and duration.

But despite these vital fundamental advantages over traditional audio logging methods, the key to PowerLog's success was in the additional features and the impact they would have on the way many stations operated. The introduction of simultaneous hardware I/O, DAB text and silence logging meant that PowerLog became a central tool for all the departments of a station. Hardware I/O could be used to log when the 'mic' channel was open, DAB text provided a list of songs played on the station (in conjunction with suitable playout systems) and the system could even auto detect when it was logging silence and email the engineer to let them know. This combined with the convenience of instant access to any point in the log from any PC in the station made PowerLog a hit from day one.

Today we are on our fourth generation of the product with a range of advanced features to make PowerLog an even more vital part of station life.

We now also offer the lower cost Powerlog Lite option for stations that want the core audio logging power of Powerlog but do not need all the additional data and multi-channel logging features offered by it's bigger brother.


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