The K1500e Keyboard

K1500e Keyboard (400)

The new K1500e is more than just a revision of our Myriad 3 keyboards, it works in a totally different way to the previous generation.

All previous versions of Myriad keyboards were effectively the same as a standard keyboard. Each dedicated Myriad key would send the appropriate keyboard shortcut combination to trigger the expected action. The problem has always been one of focus.

Why Lack Of Focus Is A Good Thing

The K1500e is different.

Instead of sending keyboard shortcut combinations to Myriad,t he K1500e sends a serial command to a data port on the computer which the Myriad 4 Command Processor module monitors constantly.

The net result?

No focus problems, ever!

No matter what screen is open in Myriad, the Go button on the keyboard will always work, even if Myriad is minimised and you are reading your facebook page!

Simple, Intuitive Layout

In addition to changing the way the K1500e works, we have also simplifed the layout which places buttons into common groups with gaps between to groups to make navigation by touch possible.

K1500e Top (400)

We believe that this is our best Myriad keyboard layout ever but as with all of our previous MYriad keyboards, if you want to modify the layout or add add / change keys then you can do so with the supplied programming software.

The K1500e works exclusively with Myriad 4. In the coming months we plan to also add K1000e and K500e keyboards to the range.

dashbopard.png myriad playout 4 dual screen(alt config).png myriad playout 4 dual screen.png smoothedir4.png cart player.png info-panel.png log-active.png scripts.png triple-segue-edit.png inside-dashboard.png K1500e Myriad Keyboard K1500e Top View