Myriad Playout - Playout & Automation
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Myriad Playout is the complete playout and automation solution developed to meet the needs of a broad cross-section of stations. The Myriad family actually consists of a number of elements that combine to form a complete solution no matter what type or size of radio station it is used in.

The heart of the package is Myriad Playout which provides manual, live assisted or fully automated radio playout. In addition, the Myriad family also includes music and advert scheduling, CD ripping utilities, multi-media playout (for digital platforms) and reporting / administration utilities. Myriad Playout can also be expanded to include voice tracking and even split transmission / network programming.



dashbopard.png myriad playout 4 dual screen(alt config).png myriad playout 4 dual screen.png smoothedir4.png cart player.png info-panel.png log-active.png scripts.png triple-segue-edit.png inside-dashboard.png K1500e Myriad Keyboard K1500e Top View