Myriad AutoTrack Pro - Music & Link Scheduling

P Squared's innovative music and link scheduling solutions offer a range of tools and facilities to allow you to produce lively, natural sounding 'live assist' and automated program output regardless of the size, nature and format of your station.

Based on more than a decade of development, the AutoTrack product range allows you to create music policies, clocks and rules that reflect the sound that you want for your station. This means that you have total control over the way your station sounds without having to spend hours preparing programs each and every week. AutoTrack is available in two flavours depending on your stations needs.

Myriad AutoTrack Standard - AutoTrack Standard includes all the tools you need to create lively and natural sounding live assisted or automated program content. AutoTrack Standard is designed to work specifically with Myriad and includes a great deal of interaction and connectivity between the two systems. AutoTrack Standard is ideal for smaller commercial stations, internet broadcasters and community radio stations.

Myriad AutoTrack Pro - Built on the foundations of AutoTrack, AutoTrack Pro offers a quantum leap in power, configurability and resources. Designed for the rigours of modern commercial radio, AutoTrack Pro combines powerful, customisable rules and features with an intuitive, simple to use interface that offers all the control, without all the headaches. AutoTrack Pro works with the majority of 3rd party playout systems so Myriad and non-Myriad users alike can enjoy the tremendous benefits that the system offers.

Total Log Integration (TLI) - Whether you are using AutoTrack in Standard or Pro editions, when combined with Myriad Playout you get the full advantage Total Log Integration (TLI). TLI is when a single Station Database is used by both Myriad Playout and AutoTrack for the generation and playout of the station log. This means that changes made in AutoTrack are reflected in Myriad Playout in real time and vice versa. This creates a dynamic link between your programming team and your On-Air team for tighter integration and more control over your stations output.



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